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Festival Pictures
Bisket Jatra Festival

Bisket Jatra FestivalThe nine-day festival of Bisket Jatra, coinciding with the Nepali New year, began in Bhaktapur today. Two chariots are pulled during the festival of new year celebration that falls on April 14.

A 25 meter pole is put up and set into the stone yoni at Khalna Tole, one of the squares in Bhaktapur.

The festival has been immensely popular since the Lichhavi period. According to the legend, a man who married a princess died of snake bite in Bhaktapur.

Nobody dared to marry her for the fear of bad omen. However, one day, a merchant arrived in the village and tied the knot with the princess. But contrary to what was perceived, nothing happened to him, nor to his wife and both lived a happy life. The festival is celebrated to remember the defeat of demon.

Bisket Jatra is one of the most colourful celebrations in Bhaktapur.

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